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I see I haven't typed a blog here in a while. That's because I did one on "Storylane" and by now those entries are WAY out of date (I haven't done one of them in a while either, and frankly I like this one better) so there's not much point putting them in. I might do one or two as a flashback or something but not now.

Ok, Easter weekend. Saturday, my parents and I left early in the morning to visit my sister Kaitlin at Susquehanna. I didn't bother putting the portable DVD player in the car since the ride isn't that long, but I still got bored now and again so I tried to kill time by playing THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected Journey in my head. I kept getting off track since I love playing parts of it to myself (almost regularly) but that kept my spirits up 'cause I knew by the time I could even get halfway through the movie we would already be at the campus.

We planned to hang out for the day and just 'get out of the house' as if we weren't out already. :) It was fun seeing Kaitlin again and moving around that afternoon. We went to a big mall, and it made me glad to have brought my phone since we ended up splitting not too far in. Mom was helping Kaitlin with dress-shopping in Boscov's, I think. Dad just hung around (as far as I know), and I went to one of my favorite store chains, JOANN Fabrics. Yeah you probably don't see a guy in a fabric store very often, but that's actually one reason I like it. It's the kind of store I can look around in without anything (like choices of fabric/thread, etc) being obvious. It might not make sense if I try to explain it, but it does to me. I just love the different kinds of designs, the textures and details, craft-work and all.
Anyway, I looked in aisle after aisle until I came across racks with eyelets (little metal rings to close the edges on holes in fabric, like for shoelaces or something) and the kind of puncher used to put them into fabric. Since I didn't have any money with me I planned to visit the store near home and look there, but when I found my dad he helped me get a pack of eyelets and the puncher. Surprised and excited, I could barely wait to check into the hotel so I could get started.

We all met up and sat on a bench after browsing through a BOOKS-A-MILLION, and Kaitlin checked showtimes to see if there was anything good to watch. This way we could pass time before checking in (we had to wait till three, I don't get why but whatever). The three of them were interested in seeing THE HOST, a film I had heard of but wasn't entirely sure of. There were a few actors I was familiar with starring in it, so that contributed some. I didn't wanna be a stick in the mud and just hang out myself while they all went to the movies (I've been wanting to see THE CROODS for a while). 'And who knows?' I thought. 'I bet it's cool.'
So we all went to the theatre next door and saw the movie. I have to say it was impressive as a sci-fi. Once was enough, but still it was good.

We finally checked into the hotel and moved in our small amount of luggage. After having dinner at Perkin's [I got a Belgian waffle just 'cause I was urged to and was hungry. It was ok but I wouldn't go for another one] we came back to the room and I got to work almost right away. I took off my blue hood (one that I had made just over a month ago out of a giant t-shirt (to look like Kili's from THE HOBBIT) undid the para-cord laces from the shoulder piece and punched the eyelets into the holes before putting the gray laces back in. It looks great  and is finally finished. Now I know I can do this with the next [few] hoods I make in the future :)

It was the same hotel me, mom ad Kaitlin checked into on June 29th, 2011 [I had tagged along and we all had to share a room, I only got two hours of sleep because of snoring, and ironically both hours of sleep were on the floor instead of the bed I had to share with Kaitlin] a.k.a. "The Worst Night of my Life." But this time there were two rooms, mom and dad split from me and Kaitlin so there were no problems with snoring. I mean, I could hear dad once or twice (through the door!!!!!!) while watching SUPER 8 on my laptop, but when we tried to sleep it was quiet. Thank God!

Easter Sunday
We moved Kaitlin back in her dorm and drove home. Well, not exactly like that. On the way, dad kept pulling over to every gas station we saw (saw three, two were closed), something about not enough oil in the engine of the car. He ran to get oil and filled it, and minutes later on a long straight road... the car just "died." Somehow it just screwed up and wouldn't run. Dad walked out to a call-box nearby and just seconds later a truck came. The mechanic (or whatever he was) was probably already there and saw the car on the side of the road.
After several boring minutes of waiting in the car and eating some Easter candy while it rained, a tow truck came along. So the three of us got in, dad in the front and me and mom in the back seat. Although it can barely be called a back seat since it was small and cramped enough to hold two empty dog carriers snug. :( We were dropped off at a Toyota place and the three of us walked around (waiting for my uncle to pick us up) in case worst came to worst that mom would need a new car eventually. It was still raining a little, which made me glad to have kept my hood on.
After MORE boring minutes, my dad's younger brother came in his vehicle and we moved our luggage into it easy. It was about an hour before we got home, and could finally relax.

SO... yeah. Not really the best way to have spent Easter Sunday. But it was ok, I guess.

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