Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of College at Mont Co.

    When I got in the car this morning with my heavy backpack, I was nervous about starting college because I was afraid of how much different it would be from high school. But now, the reality is that so far it's not that difficult to get by, unless you have a massive schedule, which I don't.

    I went into the art building, trying to keep up my confidence. hardly anyone was there, but the classroom I was supposed to go to was unlocked and I was the first student there, for Introduction to Theater. I put my backpack in a chair and waited outside the room for class to start, and more students came every few minutes or so until 8:40. When class finally started, there were about a dozen of us and a few of us showed up late. I didn't know anyone there except a girl named Leyna who gave a tour of campus during orientation. It was interesting to get to know some of the other students and the teacher, Krista Apple ("Just call me Krista," she said) who was really nice. After a bit of a lecture, she had us imagine a world atlas on the floor and stand on it, at the points where our family tree goes. I just picked New York since I was born in Syracuse. Some of the other students mentioned their family trees going back to Ireland, Africa, and one girl saying she was related to Pocahontas. I mentioned my relation to Captain Miles Standish, and Krista ended up mentioning our ancestors probably met or something, that got us all laughing a little. Then we stood on part of the "map" that our favorite stories were. I picked Europe cause Middle Earth was meant to be a type of world similar to that as far as I've heard.

After First Class
    During the ten-minute break between classes, (I left my backpack and denim jacket in the room 'cause my next class was in there) I ran into Tim Gallagher (my 12th grade English teacher Joe's brother) and told him about the movies I had my teacher in, and he laughed a lot at that. Looks like those two will have something to talk about later, huh? :) I also saw some of my friends from high school, which really made me feel good.
    My study skills class was ok. First we each filled out a sheet that had stuff like "three words that describe you" or "name an experience that changed your life" and "where do you see yourself in ten years?" It wasn't exactly boring but not that cool. At least it's something else useful if not as interesting. I don't know, maybe it will help.

Break Time
    After my two classes were done, I went to the other building into the cafeteria to take a break and eat lunch. Not many people were in there so I ate a little and went to the library so I could read the amount I was supposed to for my study skills class.
    After I finished reading, I went back to the cafeteria to find it mostly crowded, which I was relieved to see. In fact I took my theatre book out and read the first chapter there. See, the problem I have a lot when I read assigned stuff like this is I have a ton of racket going on inside my head and I have to block it out with "real noise." So I sat down at a table and read before eating more and socializing.

Social Life
    I did quite a bit of socializing. In fact, at the table right next to mine sat a costumed girl in red white and blue polka dots who gave me a flyer for the drama club when I asked "What up with the dots?" I looked it over and thought it was interesting. I saw Leyna and two other students (Scott and Sharii, I think) who were dressed like Vikings walking around the cafe handing out flyers as well. And apparently the Viking garb is in spirit for the How to Train Your Dragon live show that has been out for a while and I've been dying to see it. On the flyer it said that they're going to see it on the fifteenth, so that sounds like a lot of fun. Anyway, I signed up for the drama club (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the students nearby seemed happy about that, giving me a lot of positive comments about it saying we have fun, and I think they are planning a 24-hour lock-in which sounds awesome. I'll have to see how it goes after the first club meeting.

(PS) I asked Sharii if anyone from the club has ever thought to bring a camera and make a short film, and the others seemed to like that idea. Not confirmed of course, but it's a possibility that would make sense, being surrounded by actors.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Archery Upgrades

Since it's been getting cooler bit by bit these last few days, I've found more time to go outside (in the evening, too hot during the day) and shoot my recurve bow. I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods and got a few upgrades, mostly meaning my gear.

First, there's this. My new quiver, designed on the inside to keep arrows from falling out, and it has a screw-on lid. The whole thing is made of two tubes, one of which you can adjust to fit any arrow length. This will come in handy someday when I have a longbow, because I will need arrows that are both longer and heavier.

Two new arrows that I bought because I was missing a few. But hey, archers replace their arrows all the time.  A word of advice. Get bright colored arrows like these when you can, because there is a smaller chance of losing them if you are shooting on a grassy lawn like I always am (there aren't any archery ranges I know of nearby, and my three acres are big enough)

New arm-guard, and the only comfortable one I have ever seen. It fits like a glove, feels like a sock, and actually covers my arm unlike the strip of leather I've strapped to my arm (and get a bad itch) several times before.

Look closely at this, and tell me what you see...

HA! Seriously though, I hit the tree by accident. See, I shoot at a hay bale with a target spray-painted onto it, and somehow the arrow skipped off the top and sort of jumped out of the way into the tree. Crazy, huh? That this is a way-out-of-the-way tree, about thirty feet away from the target. And as you can probably tell, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

I also taught my mom how to shoot yesterday. The day before, she said she wanted to learn how, and I let her use my first bow with three of my longest arrows. I watched the technique and all the little details, which make the biggest difference when shooting arrows. I've never taught anyone how to shoot before, so this is definitely something new. As it gets cooler out, I'll be shooting more often and getting more practice in.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Outside to Shoot

Kind of ironic that in the summer I am not into going outside, well because its too hot out. But today is different. Today was actually a good day to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. About time, too.
I picked up my recurve bow and walked down the street, maybe a mile (I've never exactly measured it) to hang out with my twelve year old cousin Caius for the afternoon. he had his compound bow, which has a fierce draw weight.

    After I got there, we set down the bows and arrows to go for a joy ride in the truck that is still in good enough condition despite it being over thirty years old.I'm telling ya, Caius can really drive that thing. going fast, over bumps (just in the gigantic yard, duh), etc until finishing after a few minutes.

    After getting out of the truck, we shot our bows, aimed at a hay bale positioned in the yard. the only problem was that a couple times his cat Rocket would walk nearby and Caius had to get him to leave. But I'd say we're doing better. I picked up a way to aim and hold the bow by seeing THE HUNGER GAMES and from watching the Olympic archers with my uncle in New York. I held the end of the arrow to my jaw with the bowstring next to my nose, positioning the arrow point exactly where I wanted it to land. After releasing it, it came out as a pretty good shot. Now all I need is more practice.

    On my walk back home I ran into my friend Hali on the road and chatted for awhile. It always feels good to see my high school friends, which I am hoping to do a bunch of times this year and after.

    A few hours after getting home I decided to practice some more since it was getting cool enough in the evening. So I picked up my stuff and walked out into my own yard, shooting the same way at the hay bale I spray-painted a black and orange target onto last Halloween. I'm definitely getting better, but again I just need more practice. Now that I actually know how to aim a bow, I don't have to do as much experimenting as I have since I was sixteen. And hopefully it'll keep getting cooler over the next few weeks and I can get outside more without dying of the heat.

    Another good sign is I'm actually getting some muscle pain in both my arms and little bruises on my fingers. Normally wouldn't sound like good news, but it means I'm doing it right. So all I need left is practice

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freshman Orientation and Summer 2012 Movies

I'm putting my flash-drive and journal memoirs away for now, at least until I start my college freshman year at Mont Co. But I guess I can use my blog to update on the cool stuff. Its kind of odd that right after I stop updating my 'journal', the cooler stuff starts to happen.

For instance, I went to freshman orientation and found one of my friends from elementary/middle school who I haven't seen since! I hung out with him most of the time while paying as much attention as I could to what the professors were saying, but it's not easy to when the lectures go on and on, you know? I stuck around for a small campus tour afterward despite it being two small buildings, since I figure it'd be better to have a feel for the place in advance.

Last week I went with my family of four to see THE HUNGER GAMES at the $2 Carmike Cinemas, it being my fourth time seeing it an my dad's first (he never read the books like me, my mom and sister did). A few days later, I went by myself to the new Carmike in Pottsgrove to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: DOG DAYS, and you'll never guess what... NO ONE WAS THERE (except for maybe two employees hangin' around)! I had the lobby and auditorium to myself until a few more people showed up. And what happened about halfway through the movie, well... The power went out! Yeah, the screen blinked, the lights dimmed and brightened up, and then an employee came in and said they'd have it working again. I could hear the rain pound and the thunder outside. Thankfully it got fixed.

Also, for a few days now me and my cousin Caius have been working on preproduction of a movie called JINXFLINGER, about two wizards. We just started writing the script and I've been working on my costume. I need to measure Caius before I can do his, so I have to wait. Both of us are gonna star, direct and edit this movie, which is exciting since we wan this one to be over an hour. I bet this'll be our best film yet, and we've made quite a few already.