Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of College at Mont Co.

    When I got in the car this morning with my heavy backpack, I was nervous about starting college because I was afraid of how much different it would be from high school. But now, the reality is that so far it's not that difficult to get by, unless you have a massive schedule, which I don't.

    I went into the art building, trying to keep up my confidence. hardly anyone was there, but the classroom I was supposed to go to was unlocked and I was the first student there, for Introduction to Theater. I put my backpack in a chair and waited outside the room for class to start, and more students came every few minutes or so until 8:40. When class finally started, there were about a dozen of us and a few of us showed up late. I didn't know anyone there except a girl named Leyna who gave a tour of campus during orientation. It was interesting to get to know some of the other students and the teacher, Krista Apple ("Just call me Krista," she said) who was really nice. After a bit of a lecture, she had us imagine a world atlas on the floor and stand on it, at the points where our family tree goes. I just picked New York since I was born in Syracuse. Some of the other students mentioned their family trees going back to Ireland, Africa, and one girl saying she was related to Pocahontas. I mentioned my relation to Captain Miles Standish, and Krista ended up mentioning our ancestors probably met or something, that got us all laughing a little. Then we stood on part of the "map" that our favorite stories were. I picked Europe cause Middle Earth was meant to be a type of world similar to that as far as I've heard.

After First Class
    During the ten-minute break between classes, (I left my backpack and denim jacket in the room 'cause my next class was in there) I ran into Tim Gallagher (my 12th grade English teacher Joe's brother) and told him about the movies I had my teacher in, and he laughed a lot at that. Looks like those two will have something to talk about later, huh? :) I also saw some of my friends from high school, which really made me feel good.
    My study skills class was ok. First we each filled out a sheet that had stuff like "three words that describe you" or "name an experience that changed your life" and "where do you see yourself in ten years?" It wasn't exactly boring but not that cool. At least it's something else useful if not as interesting. I don't know, maybe it will help.

Break Time
    After my two classes were done, I went to the other building into the cafeteria to take a break and eat lunch. Not many people were in there so I ate a little and went to the library so I could read the amount I was supposed to for my study skills class.
    After I finished reading, I went back to the cafeteria to find it mostly crowded, which I was relieved to see. In fact I took my theatre book out and read the first chapter there. See, the problem I have a lot when I read assigned stuff like this is I have a ton of racket going on inside my head and I have to block it out with "real noise." So I sat down at a table and read before eating more and socializing.

Social Life
    I did quite a bit of socializing. In fact, at the table right next to mine sat a costumed girl in red white and blue polka dots who gave me a flyer for the drama club when I asked "What up with the dots?" I looked it over and thought it was interesting. I saw Leyna and two other students (Scott and Sharii, I think) who were dressed like Vikings walking around the cafe handing out flyers as well. And apparently the Viking garb is in spirit for the How to Train Your Dragon live show that has been out for a while and I've been dying to see it. On the flyer it said that they're going to see it on the fifteenth, so that sounds like a lot of fun. Anyway, I signed up for the drama club (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the students nearby seemed happy about that, giving me a lot of positive comments about it saying we have fun, and I think they are planning a 24-hour lock-in which sounds awesome. I'll have to see how it goes after the first club meeting.

(PS) I asked Sharii if anyone from the club has ever thought to bring a camera and make a short film, and the others seemed to like that idea. Not confirmed of course, but it's a possibility that would make sense, being surrounded by actors.