Friday, April 6, 2012

My Camouflage Quiver is finally done!

    OMG! Today I finished making my quiver. Yeah, it took forever 'cause the old sewing machine kept getting jammed, but eventually I got it, and it looks great. I'll have to try it out next time I go outside to do some target practice.
    I don't know when my "Thirteen Dwarves" drawings will be put up, 'cause I haven't had a chance to work on them. After I'm finished my films and entering the school Film Festival, I should have time to draw them then. I can't just plainly do it at school or something 'cause I need time and a photo to draw from. I have gotten most of them, though. They came out just about as good as the one I posted of Thorin. The rest of the ones I haven't drawn yet are where it gets REALLY tricky with the braids in the beards. Yeah I suck at drawing braids, so I really need to figure this out. But it will happen sooner or later.
    The film I'm making based on my Darastrix Arcaniss book series is nearly done. I've done just about all the editing except for a few minor points that my instincts tell me to fix. Kind of like one of those look-and-find books you look at when you're a little kid, I'm trying to find all the errors in this film and fix them. In a way, editing is easier and harder than it looks and sounds. Especially with the software i got for my 18th birthday. Wish me luck! :)