Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

THANK GOD IT'S OVER! I mean, Hurricane Sandy itself only lasted a couple days where I am, but the power-outages and all lasted a couple more.

The wind and rain was just freaky. The power first went out, I think, two days in. That was when without internet we would get bored.
Most of my time was spent editing videos and working on my dwarf book, BLADE RUST (which for now I will save for future blogs). At least having no access to the internet gave me time to work on some more productive projects like the two I just listed, along with reading the Appendices in The Lord of the Rings, and thinking about how repair/upgrade the atlatl I've been making with my dad.

If you don't know what an atlatl is, it's a very native hunting weapon like a boomerang or a bow. I learned about it from reading the BROTHERBAND Chronicles books. With it you shoot meter-long darts that look more like giant arrows. Rather than fire from a bow, you use a throwing stick that hooks into the back of the dart. And when you throw with the handle, it adds more force and power into it.
Of course, right now I can only think of the modifications to the weapon, like figuring out just the right way to make the darts, and of course to make a second throwing stick with a small platform at the bottom of the stick for the dart to rest on, so I can hold the handle with all of my fingers and it might add more force. I can only experiment for now.

I drove to GameStop today to look for the LEGO Lord of the Rings videogame (give me something to do that doesn't require the net or to just get out of the house). But because of the hurricane, delivery was slowed down or something. I think I'll get it for Christmas instead. At least it gives me another thing to look forward to.

The house runs on a generator when the power goes out, but we turn it off at night so that was hard to get used to at first with just one lantern lighting my room and the hallway. At least now, on Halloween, the power came back on and I have the ability to post my blog. I heard the power at Mont Co is back on, too. And just in time for me to go to a couple of good media classes where I don't have to wake up early.

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