Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Fly by too fast, this year has."

    On August 29th 2011, when I was seventeen years old, I walked into the school saying to myself "It's good to be back." Now it's May 6th, I've been eighteen for nearly two months and I've done so much this year, more than I could have expected then. Directed and edited over half a dozen short films, four of which have been entered for the Film Festival and one of them is a trailer adaptation to my book series, Darastrix Arcaniss. I've taken a great acting class and in doing so I have met some of the best friends I've ever had and ever will. I even made a music video about our good times in "Drama and Theater 1" in thanks!
    I've read and seen THE HUNGER GAMES (saw the movie four times, once with just one friend), made my own camouflage cloak for Halloween and hiking in the woods, and recently attended Post Prom again like last year, pulling my second all-nighter.
My best video blog by far is the one that talks about post prom. I swear it was one of the best days/nights of my senior year, and I'll never forget it or my junior post prom either.
    The first day of senior year feels like just over a week ago. Now the year's nearly over and I'll be graduating in a month. I really wish it didn't have to end so soon, but I guess everyone's has to. After I get through college, I will hopefully get into film and turn my books into movies. That I have to look forward to, and starting at the beginning of this year I've aspired to be a good filmmaker.

    In fact I've already started making an actual script. Yeah, I researched script format and I'm using it to start it. I bet it will turn out great when it's done. It's my dream, to create "the next big thing." I just hope that I can.
    But I'm trying not to look too far ahead, know why? Otherwise I'll lose sight of what I've got now, and I love seeing my friends at school too much to risk that, with the little time we've got left. I intend to make it all count and So Far I've managed to make this year the best of my entire life.