Monday, December 12, 2011

Postproduction on "Historical Inaccuracy"

Normally i would be talking on my video blog on my YouTube channel, but i don't feel like talking to my camera right now, and i want to type about some of the stuff that's been going on, some of which i have talked about in my past video blogs.
Taking Video Production class was probably the best choice I made starting senior year. I get to make films with the help of tips from the teacher, and ideas that I get from watching the movies and video blogs that Peter Jackson (favorite director, the best in my opinion) has made.
Since i got a head start on my second video assignment, i finished the editing on it shortly after everyone else started. i am now editing and extended version of the open assignment, which can be about almost anything. It is a short film based on a skit i did with one of my friends in drama class near the beginning of the year. We called the skit HISTORICAL INACCURACY. Now it has become a huge part of the first semester this year. We even filmed it together (i run the camera and play my role again, he has to be in it too, to replay his role), having an awesome and hilarious time playing two 16-year-old idiots. A lot of times when we finished shooting a certain scene, we would go back behind the camera laughing, saying "we're so stupid" :)
For the last few days at school (sadly for only one class period a day) i have been editing the movie, planning to make this the extended edition that i can post on Facebook, my channel, and show to my friends. After this version of it is done, i plan to show it in drama class since most of the cast members are in the same drama class as me. Plus, am going to make a copy and cut it down to eight minutes because that's how long the open assignment can be. This way all the footage will already be in order and edited the way i want it. the open assignment will just be shorter.
i have until the end of January, so i have time. But i still hurry because i want to get it done soon so i can edit a film i want to make with my sister over winter break.