Saturday, January 28, 2012

Filming, Drawing and Reading

    Ok, i got some stuff goin' on. First, i asked one my friends if she wanted to play the part in my film and she said sure. Seems natural 'cause she likes the woods. Hopefully we'll be able to film within the next couple of weeks and it'll be nice enough outside to do so.
    Yesterday morning i started rereading THE HOBBIT, picturing it the way the movie looks while i read it. i love this trailer and the production blogs. I even drew some pictres from the film, of Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield.

    What do ya think? like 'em? I worked my hardest (about three days) on the one of Thorin since he's my favorite dwarf, and i did the one of Bilbo during English class, finishing it at home since i don't carry my better markers with me at school (i needed the right shades for Bilbo's hair and garb). My goal is to draw all the thirteen dwarves from THE HOBBIT. As you can see, I've already done Thorin, so that leaves:

1. Dwalin
2. Balin
3. Kili
4. Fili
5. Dori
6. Nori
7. Ori
8. Oin
9. Gloin
10. Bifur
11. Bofur
12. Bombur

I swear as soon as i have them all drawn, i will post them to one of my blogs. I have no idea how long its gonna take, though, but i will definitely get stuff figured out, like when i'll have a chance to do any of it and find pictures to draw from. There are soe details i can't reall do from memory so i have to do it that way.
    In terms of the book, i finished chapter 1 through a school day and i'm going read chapter 2 tonight or tomorrow. Its one of my favorite parts in the book, 'cause it involves three huge trolls who try to cook the thirteen dwarves, but they're arguing over how they want to, and the wizard Gandalf hides and mimicks their voices to keep them arguing ALL NIGHT! Eventually the sun comes up and... POOF! Turns them all to stone! :)