Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Plans in Progress

All right, I try not to stack too much on my plate when it comes to preparing for the future. Taking baby steps, a little at a time, helps relieve most of the pressure involved. Better to think about goals that can be stepping stones rather than be super focused on something that you want (or feel you need) to last the rest of your life, especially when thinking of a career.

Ok so these are some things that I'm working toward at the moment;
(1) "The Boy in the Iceberg"
In my spare time at home, mostly as a hobby, I'm making a rewrite of The Last Airbender. One, 'cause of how poorly the 2010 film did. And two, I feel it has so much potential and can make a great film if it's treated and adapted properly. I have my screenwriting textbooks for guidance, along with all three seasons of the show [AVATAR- The Last Airbender] to use.
This script probably isn't gonna go anywhere, I admit. But still it's fun to try and imagine how a really good adaptation should look and sound, what I'd want to see, etc.

(2) Law Enforcement
I know it might seem like a big jump for a film student to plan on going into law enforcement, but I'm excited to see what happens :)
After I graduate I'll have my film degree and know my stuff. But as a full time career I don't know how long being creative would last; if I would crash and screw up a movie 'cause of bad writer's block, stuff like that.
Plus it feels good to have something to fall back on, so I figure I'd look for a cool job where (a) I have specific orders and (b) it's something I care about and would like to be involved in.
The idea is to become a ranger, closer to nature and protecting the parks and forests. Maybe even work up to be a game warden. In order to have that chance though, I need law enforcement training. So the police academy offered at Mont Co feels like the best idea. And luckily there's a pre-academy course, offered as an opportunity to see if it's really something you're good at and ready for. So after I graduate with my degree, that's the goal for now.

(3) Faith
But of course, none of this really works without God, let alone faith in His will.
I may not go to church on Sundays (and I've only done one other faith-related blog entry) but still, in a way faith is all I've got. I can't tell what's gonna happen, or if it's even His plan for me to be a ranger. I have no clue, so I'm not gonna pretend that I as a believer have all the answers. Only He does.
Writing in a journal really helps with learning and adapting to the Word, so I've been using a journal that came in a put-together kit on my 21st birthday. It's made even more interesting with plain pages, and being able to draw pictures in it; crosses, trinity symbols, trees, butterflies, even dog tags (Ephesians 6:13). Anything that helps to remember the essence of the passage/reflection.
If someone were to ask me "what has God been teaching you recently?" then what would I say without babbling? How? Kinda tricky to keep track sometimes. That's the main reason I use this journal so I can validate and reflect on what I've learned.

One of my friends told me recently, "you don't have to worry about being in God's will if you are seeking Him." We might get confused and not know if what we're doing is in His plan. But as long as we seek and submit ourselves to Him, we are following His will. There's some food for thought, something to ponder the next time you ask yourself "what God does/n't want..."