Monday, July 18, 2016

Simple Wood-Carver

What’s a good thing to do when you’re getting anxious or worked up? Or just in general? Pick a simple-to-do relaxing hobby to redirect your focus. I’ve had quite a few of those but there’s an interesting one that I’ve only delved so far into in the past; woodcarving.
My dad has taught me a lot about tools. Clamps, saws, razors, the list goes on. I’ve cut boomerangs and necklaces out of thin sheets of wood, but I’ve never tried whittling before.

I’ve gotten pretty good with a mallet and chisel, which is a fun pair of tools to use. Still, it’s nice when you don’t have to keep using the hammer. Especially when you’re up past midnight carving (to the point of littering my rug with wood shavings) and trying not to wake anyone up. It’s a lot quieter and more controllable to use a set of carving knives. The set I bought last week has twelve different blades you can swap, a few of which I’ve referred to as “manly spoons.” The shape of the blade you use can really effect the angles you can hold and carve with.

It’s always great to have ideas of your own, but still it never hurts to learn from crafting books. I got this beginners’ book that has a bunch of different designs and knickknacks that you can try whittling, some from little blocks of basswood.

Neither of these two carvings are from the book. These are ideas I got from some google images, to start me off simpler. The wolf is pretty much done, but still I like to touch it up a little and see if I can make it a little better. And I’m currently working on the bear (not using the mallet and chisel for this one). Making a lot of progress! Maybe, lord willing, in a few months I’ll be able to start making little statues for my desk or bookshelves.

May have to start posting more pictures/details as I go along!