Thursday, February 2, 2017

Training to become a Firefighter

On New Year's Day I responded with the other fire police, redirecting traffic around a serious car accident at the intersection of Morgantown and Quarry. The car stuck in the grass had its front half crushed like an accordion. The other had its hood dented real bad but I think it was repairable. For about two hours we kept traffic at bay with our flashlights and cones, while the Caernarvon Township police investigated the crash with the firefighters. It wasn't till about six pm that we got the ok to have tow trucks come and haul away the wreckage. I'm glad it wasn't any longer, though. It was freezing cold, where I had to keep going back into the warm squad truck and spend minutes warming my hands back up.
Thank God we had extra guys to hand the SLOW/STOP paddle off to when we needed a break.

Looking back on it, it was a great learning experience using the radios and flashlights. But still I wanted to do more that night.
What I mean is, I wanted to be working with the firefighters who were attending to the wrecked cars and the victims themselves. I guess I felt too "out of the way" and wished I was more thoroughly involved, in that sense.

I was already fascinated by how the other guys operate and how they train. But after this I had an even better idea and experience to reflect on, when it came to my decision to step up my game.
So I decided that I wanted to train as a fireman . . .
. . . just as soon as I get this spring semester wrapped up. If I can do this in the summer, then it'll have my undivided attention and can be "Priority Number One" as my dad and I put it. Thinking realistically, if I go for this 172-hour course while I'm still studying my bible textbooks, it'd be like adding another college class plus going back to my job at Walmart. Much as I hated to admit it at first, I'm not ready yet. I have to wait till my load is emptier and I can focus better.
It'll be worth the wait though. I've already learned a lot through drilling with them at the station; how to work and pack up the hoses, put the bunker gear on, info on different types of structure collapse, how to operate the "jaws of life" and so on. And loving it! Can't wait to get started on the actual class.