Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun with Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces

OK, lets see... before my graduation, my big sister got back from a trip to Africa, during which time she learned how to make bracelets with fishing line and beads. She taught me how and we've both made a bunch of 'em. Pretty much each one I've made relates to a part of me, so I don't make them randomly.

This is my first beaded necklace, which I just made today. I've gone through a bunch of strings and chains to go with this "Airbender" dog tag (first one I ever made), and now this one fits perfect.

 The one on the left is ny newest bracelet, made to represent my prequel series to Darastrix Arcaniss, called BLACK VAEX. On the right is my first beaded bracelet, made with camouflage colors and a leaf to represent Ranger's Apprentice, one of my all-time favorite book series.

(top) Water Tribe, and (bottom) "Airbender"

This is Fire, to look like something worn by a Pyromancer (a.k.a. a Fire Wizard) in the online game Wizard101.

These are really fun to make so i would recommend it (along with reading a book) to anyone who just needs something to do when they're bored.