Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Being almost 18' and The "DARASTRIX ARCANISS" casting search continues...

Hi it's me again, welcome to my new blog. OK i have some good news and bad news. Good news i got more than half of the trailer adaptation to my books filmed, edited, and i picked and added the music. It looks good so far, i guess. But there's still one major hole i need to fill, otherwise i can't finish it. I NEED SOMEONE TO PLAY GYWNA! One of the two main characters in the book series needs to be played in this film by somebody, and I've had 'not the best' luck with it. Seriously, how hard can it possibly be? I've already made the weapons and picked out the locations for shooting, which are within easy walking distance. All i need is the last cast member.
i attached my first sketch of the character, if it helps. She's described through the series as a slightly bleached girl with pointed ears. Obviously we humans don't have pointy ears so that doesn't matter. If anyone reading this wants to do it, let me know. I need to get this stuff filmed as soon as possible so i can get the editing done before the end of March. Filming can be done in an afternoon, maybe two, depending on how things go.
Character description: Gwyna is the daughter of Gwynon, King of the mountainous kingdom called Munton (moon-tuhn). Her father led armies in the first war three years ago and she was put in a safe house until it ended. In the safe house she met her first friend, Tajarin, who she grew to care for a lot. In the present time, she goes to visit him but ends up held hostage by the Jade Dragon and tortured on Dragonhorn Mountain. But one day she uses her wits and escapes, slipping away almost completely undetected and finds Tajarin in Munton, making plans to stop a war soon to come. The two of them team up and travel to Dragonhorn with the help of some friends, and the war ends when the Jade is killed.
I hope this seems interesting. And the film is going to look like a movie trailer when it's done and i have model dragons that i've gotten to work with. I only need the Gwyna shots to film now.

In other news, i've made and posted several music videos for some of my favorite songs and movies, like (in no particular order here)
1. The Hobbit- Long Live
2. The Hobbit- Me and my Gang
3. Neverland- Good Enough
4. Neverland- Son of Man
and my newest one...
5. Anakin and Padme- "Enchanted"
My favorite ones i think are the ones with "Good Enough" and "Enchanted." I love how they came out.

OH MY GOD! TODAY IS MARCH FIRST! ONLY NINE MORE DAYS TILL I TURN 18!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) Sometimes I look at myself the way i was when i started high school and then the way i am now, thinking 'wow, i've really changed.' Next thing, i'll be graduating. Can't say i'm not gonna miss seeing everyone at OJR every day. Thankfully we senior still have some time left to make count, and that's what i intend to do. I'm not going to waste one precious moment this year, and i'm going to try my hardest to get a couple of my films into the festival. Even if they don;t get in, i'll be glad i tried. But i need to keep going.

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