Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making a Quiver and Shooting a Recurve

    Its too bad the warm 60-degree weather this week is over, but in those two days I was able to practice with my awesome recurve bow that i got last Christmas. It's way more handy than my first stickbow, which has an 8-to-12-pound draw weight. My recurve has 25-30 pounds on it, and the weird thing is, it has a black handle with green limbs just like my first one. What are the odds, huh? Cool.
    This stuff is what i am using to make a new quiver. the wide piece is the quiver itself. The long one is the "belt," or at least it will be when i hem it and add two of the metal rings to one end. The drawstring is to put at the top of the quiver so i can keep it shut when i need it tight around the arrows poking out. If i make it like that, i can avoid arrow rattle. And in case you're wondering, the drawstring came from my backpack, where it is useless (until i took it off and added it here, at least). I picked this camouflage fabric 'cause if i was in the woods it would blend in, and its strong enough to hold my arrows.
    See that arrow on the far right? I got two of them with my bow, but I lost one of them. At least I have the rest of them The green ones came in packs of three, and i got them since they're especially long enough for the bow's draw length. The orange ones i got after i got my first bow. I call them the Fire Arrows.
    Here's a look at the full lengths of all of my arrows.
    See this one? This is my first and only orange arrow before getting the other Fire Arrows. This particular arrow is called Smaug, named after the dragon from THE HOBBIT. It's my favorite arrow despite the fact that it only has two feathers (the other one ripped clean off).
    This is the leather shooting glove i got in the mail the other day. It works fine, and hopefully won't be too small for my hand very soon.
    My goal is to work myself up with my strength and my aim enough so that in a some years when I get stronger and my recurve is considered too easy, I'll be strong enough to use a longbow! I've no idea when that will be, but I refuse to give up on it. IT WILL HAPPEN! I WILL USE A LONGBOW AND PERFECT MY AIM IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO! :)

In other blog news, I have completed the drawing of dwarves Fili and Kili. As soon as I can wrench myself off of Facebook I'm going to draw the next two: Dwalin and Balin. After that, THEN it gets even trickier (I love it!).


  1. I'm looking for a recurve bow since my longbow is too difficult for me to shoot right now. Yours is perfect so if I may ask where did you get it/what brand/how much was it? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for showing interest in it, good to see my blog actually being read hahaha
      This is it, I put the link here in the reply. It cost about fifty bucks. I got it online 'cause I couldn't find anything closer at DICK'S.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.80185997,d.cWc&tch=1&ech=1&psi=PcBzVPzqHbj-sATRyIHAAg.1416871998856.7&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX1nLIFjf74cnAnjUo_LBGe3l8BtHVasvxS9TUhju5abF3ZjA8y9VNpB1EtxNrlOftqnHgiadwoy8CH-2AWTz-QSbf_1KdKpUBUTHx4Jyc-Wb16k9YBIZAFPVH72197UHJD522VmHVPx-Y-RfNqBpVA&ei=XsBzVKqBKLiRsQTk3IKwDQ&ved=0CIkBEKYrMAE4FA

    2. Awesome thanks! Is it pretty durable?

    3. OH YEAH it's 25-30 pounds draw weight, light to carry, and REALLY durable