Friday, October 21, 2016

Feeling "In The Right Field"

On the brink of graduation it is DEFINITELY too late to go back and change my major for my associate's degree at Montco. However, it feels like the perfect time to make a change as I transfer to the University of Valley Forge in the spring.

     Originally I've been majoring in Digital Broadcasting; film, media, business in TV and movies, and so on.
     Still, during the last year or so, the more I've thought about my media degree (and continuing with Photography at Valley Forge) the more my mindset has become "why am I here?" meaning "my plans have changed in the last year, I want to become a security officer, so why am I planning to finish with photography? Just to get a four-year degree faster with the hands-on stuff?"
     Sure, more of my credits would transfer and I'd be out of school sooner/easier, but it would also mean a MUCH harder transition into the work force since I don't have plans to be a photographer. Too competitive a field, too much of a gamble for a career choice. I've realized these last few years of growing up that I need a solid foundation to build upon, not a job that relies solely on luck and avoiding creative blocks.
    Our God knows very well that I've had PLENTY of those.
    More times than I can count I've looked at myself and wondered why I'm still working on a media degree when my career plan has really taken a sharp turn. You go to college to build a career don't you? Well with me right now it feels kind of like being singled out as someone who gets a degree for a hobby instead of a future.

     So, despite it being a tougher-to-study subject, I decided it would be better for me to start working toward a Criminal Justice degree when I transfer. I don't care if it keeps me at Valley Forge longer, because this can give me the know-how and experience I'd need for homeland security (as opposed to the hands-on photography stuff that wouldn't offer me anything related except MAYBE the technology behind security works).
     In fact I hope it does keep me there longer. The more time I spend at a Christian college, the closer to God and stronger in faith I'll become.
     I remember that particular day of my decision to change my major; I'd been flipping through the New Testament, Jesus preaching on the mountain, among other stories, highlighting verses and trying to draw closer to His Word. Anyway, when the already-developing "why am I here?" mindset became clear as crystal that day, I took it as a sign from Him. And I've since felt more at peace and "in the right field of study" knowing I have the means to prepare for whatever security field I find myself in.

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