Friday, June 28, 2013

"Like a River in the Rain..."

I said to one of my friends once, "excitement swells like a river in the rain", on the subject of the second HOBBIT movie. Yesterday, however, I went to the movies and that expression literally came to life.

Me, my mom and my sister went to Carmike to see Monsters University which we'd been looking forward to since the first trailer came out. It was a little chaotic, in a sense. When we got in there we had to wait in line quite awhile 'cause there was a whole gymnastics team coming in as well, probably to see the same movie. But we got our tickets, the huge crowd built up behind us and we got into the BIG-D theatre first, getting our seats before it filled up (I've never really liked the BIG-D theatre, it's too big and I'm afraid of heights. But it was the only 2D show we could get).
In just minutes, the whole team/crowd from the lobby flooded in and were quite loud, and we kept worrying they were gonna be too near us. With all of them running around (five or six-plus of them ran right past me when I was at the door on my way back to my seat later), I kept thinking of this...
At least it was quiet(er) when the movie started. Just over halfway through I could hear something rumbling and thought "I think it's raining." When the movie was over, we made a quick-enough getaway since we were seated right next to the stairs, and coming into the lobby revealed the heavy downpour outside visible through the glass-windowed doors.
On the way home we pulled into a parking lot and waited for the rain to let up because it got really bad. I'm talkin' inches-deep muddy rivers on either side of the road! In fact by the time it was safe enough to continue driving, the roads were flooding pretty badly and there was one area closer to home that was, well, scary to drive through. At least ten feet long, there was a HUGE muddy "puddle" that was so deep we had to drive through it carefully and slowly.

It's been raining all week! Seriously, make up your mind, clouds! One minute it's sunny and nice-looking, and then the next thing ya know there's clouds comin' and it rains cats and dogs on your head. That's one of the only things that annoys me about this summer weather. Too much thunder and rain.

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