Saturday, August 11, 2012

Freshman Orientation and Summer 2012 Movies

I'm putting my flash-drive and journal memoirs away for now, at least until I start my college freshman year at Mont Co. But I guess I can use my blog to update on the cool stuff. Its kind of odd that right after I stop updating my 'journal', the cooler stuff starts to happen.

For instance, I went to freshman orientation and found one of my friends from elementary/middle school who I haven't seen since! I hung out with him most of the time while paying as much attention as I could to what the professors were saying, but it's not easy to when the lectures go on and on, you know? I stuck around for a small campus tour afterward despite it being two small buildings, since I figure it'd be better to have a feel for the place in advance.

Last week I went with my family of four to see THE HUNGER GAMES at the $2 Carmike Cinemas, it being my fourth time seeing it an my dad's first (he never read the books like me, my mom and sister did). A few days later, I went by myself to the new Carmike in Pottsgrove to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: DOG DAYS, and you'll never guess what... NO ONE WAS THERE (except for maybe two employees hangin' around)! I had the lobby and auditorium to myself until a few more people showed up. And what happened about halfway through the movie, well... The power went out! Yeah, the screen blinked, the lights dimmed and brightened up, and then an employee came in and said they'd have it working again. I could hear the rain pound and the thunder outside. Thankfully it got fixed.

Also, for a few days now me and my cousin Caius have been working on preproduction of a movie called JINXFLINGER, about two wizards. We just started writing the script and I've been working on my costume. I need to measure Caius before I can do his, so I have to wait. Both of us are gonna star, direct and edit this movie, which is exciting since we wan this one to be over an hour. I bet this'll be our best film yet, and we've made quite a few already.

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